About Us

Our Essence

Six individuals so distinctly different but so perfectly suited to be members of SANGAD (The true form of Union).

Our Progress: How did Wolfpack6 come about:

We realized during this pandemic we all struggled with deliveries being late and the unprecedented pressures being put on the logistics industry and their customer services, across the country. We thought to make a difference and here we are!

Our Merit

As a group of friends, we thought of this idea of supporting the logistics industry and starting a new venture. With a view of providing technology-driven, innovative, customer focused solutions to traditional logistics business, in fact, we are obsessively passionate about it. There will always be a person at the other end of the phone to resolve any issues.

Delivery/ Courier services

We are deeply vested in your success, are you looking to ship any product, whether personal or for business across the country? We have made it our mission to ensure that your goods arrive safely in the state you would like, we customize products to fulfill all your requirements. Our trained staff is professionally trained to handle any order, and our drivers are dedicated to providing excellent service at all times.

Everyone deserves to have their package delivered safely to any destination they desire whenever they need the service, our solution-based mindset and can-do attitude will get you there. We have dedicated our services to ensure that you can get your delivery in any part of the country on time and in one piece. Our professional teams are trained to treat each parcel with care so that you can transport anything with us.

Reliability and Availability

We are committed to a sustainable future for everyone and have made initiatives supporting this goal.

When you are looking to transport sensitive items anywhere, you need to trust that your courier service will handle your goods well. We will ensure that all your items are safe within our care until we deliver them to the destination of your choice. Whether it is medicine or even a gift for your loved one, our staff is careful to ensure that the goods are well-taken care of.

Many courier services disappoint and are never available when you need an explanation or track down your parcel. We are here to change the way you view many other delivery services because we will be dedicated to giving you the best service. Call us any time of the day or night, and a representative will always be available for you and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

We have a fleet of vans and refrigerated vans to transport any sensitive material you have, including perishables.

Safe and efficient deliveries

We know that sometimes you would like to transport medicines and other items that need special care. This is why our drivers have the following to ensure safety:

  • They are highly trained.
  • Efficient in their services
  • They are trained in contactless delivery.
  • Professional standard bearers.

We have trained our drivers to the top level, that you can be sure that any of your goods will be handled with care and utmost professionalism.

What we transport

Our courier service consists of vans and refrigerated vans so that we can transport several different items. We serve the medical industry, small businesses, manufacturing producers, clientele in the legal industry, and many other commercial clients.

Call or contact us to get a quote and find out how we will serve you and take care of your courier needs. We are ready to meet your delivery needs 24/7 and 365 days of the year. We will provide on-time and same-day delivery so that you do not have to worry about your goods whether it is personal or for your business. Talk to our friendly and professional customer care representative so that you can get a quote and also track down your parcel at any time you want.

Same-day delivery

Our same-day delivery is dedicated to making sure that you get your urgent packages as fast as possible. We understand that some special deliveries and packages require immediate action. Whether it is medicine or personal deliveries, our drivers are professional and ensure that you receive your package on time.

If you are looking for fast and efficient services, we are available for you any day of the week, and at any time you would like. Contact us to get a quote for same-day delivery.

Our staff is ready to give you a quotation and answer any question you might have about our services. The friendly customer care will address any issue you have before delivery and also during delivery so that you can be sure that we are taking care of your needs.Wolfpack6

Flexible options

As we provide you with courier services, we are also dedicated to ensuring that we meet any of your special delivery needs. This is important, especially for business persons who would like frequent delivery of their goods. Talk to us about a tailor-made solution so that you have the best services at any time. We want to make it easy for businesses because they need to have peace of mind. You can trust us with your packages because we want to help you grow your business. For any delivery service you require, we will give you an accurate quotation for the services you need. This is important to us just as it is to you because we want you to have the best experience.

Affordable services

Our company has done enough research to make it easy for us to give you an affordable quotation and service no matter where you want us to go. Fill out our forms and get a quotation without any obligations so that you can understand our services better. We understand that timing is crucial to many people, especially when dealing with same-day delivery. When filling out the form, ensure that you have all the information correct so that there are no errors when doing deliveries. Use the tracking number you are provided when you need to check about your package.

Our Fleet

Many courier and delivery companies promise their clients a lot, and in many cases, they fail to deliver. We have ensured that we have a fleet of vans and refrigerated vans to handle your deliveries on time and efficiently. When you contact us, we will give you a quotation, and our representative will ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed.

It is crucial that you get your items to their destination safely. Whether it is for business, medical, legal, or personal use, our company will assign our dedicated and professional staff to the job to ensure that you receive the best services.

For this and many other reasons, we have dedicated a fleet of cars/vans to handle multiple deliveries on time. Our fleet comprises of: –

  • Cars

    The cars are used to transport small items to individuals and companies. we can transport small automotive parts, plumbing supplies, documents, signs, cleaning supplies, small tools, and many more.

  • Mid-sized cars

    These are medium sized vans that can carry larger items and you can be assured that we will transport your goods easily and safely. If you have B2B deliveries like boxes and other items, these vans will work well to ensure your items are safe.

  • Refrigerated vans.

    Food distribution, deliveries, if you have goods that need to be transported in a refrigerated van, we have you covered. Whether you need to deliver frozen foods, flowers, fruits, and other perishable goods, you can trust us to get them to their destination safely and while still fresh. This is very beneficial to customers with restaurants because we can get your food from distributors to your restaurant safely. You can also trust us if you have a flower business because you will receive them while they are in excellent condition.

  • Cargo vans

    For larger items, we also have cargo vans on our fleet so that we can help you transport them. We operate on a simple mantra, ask us your queries, we will provide a solution.